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WEI X NAN Mini Project

2021.10.01 - 10.30

魏涛 “Balloon and Paper”



Wei Tao “ Balloon and Paper”

 a series of balloon works about space and gravity. The works turn gravity into a constant game, with floating balloons and pulled up paper forming a dynamic balance, in order to find a sensitive boundary of spatial change.

南楠 “Intimate yet far away”


Nan Nan  

“ Intimate yet far away ”

Under the space surrounded by fluorescent green, two giant plush hands seem to be reaching for the end; the pink artificial grass suggests a romantic and unreal sense of nature, all of which is reflected in the mirror paper filled with intimate words. The two opposing works on paper in the space are the artist's own different interpretations of the same location after a forced long-distance relationship. This project focuses on the intimacy of long-distance relationships in the internet, and how real emotions are built in a nebulous medium.

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