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2022.10.29 - 12.24


Not knowing what the result will be like, but doing it first, without many preconceptions, with a sincere state of discovery and feeling in the process of living.

"As the first solo exhibition of Nan Nan, curator Wang Che has set up three parts of the exhibition: 

1. A short film about the artist.

2. A space where the artist can easily communicate with the audience during the exhibition.

3. The art.

These three parts will presentan artist's emotional state, growth trajectory, life experience, perspective, breadth, and depth of thinking, and finally, the form and appearance of the works. In this way, the exhibition is like visiting an artist's studio. It is also very much like presenting an artist as a whole, not just as a result of the work. The exhibition hopes to show more sincerity by accompanying the audience in expressing the curatorial concept and presenting the artist in more dimensions.The theme of the exhibition uses "white light" to express the sense of reality, and I sensually think that the blinding white light has a sense of heaviness and solidity, not frivolous and robust, and "piercing" is intertwin with reality. The state of "piercing" is intertwined with reality. During communication and dialogue with you, your rhythm of life, physical changes, and artistic experiences have given me an overall feeling and understanding. The exhibition is presenting in this feeling, all real and natural.

​-Wang Che


Nan Nan

BFA in Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts in New York, USA, and now lives and works in Shenzhen. Nan Nan's art form mostly revolves around painting. Her works are full of raw and pure expressions, emphasizing the tension of the images through graphics and unique colors. "Space", "emotion" and "the relationship between memory and reality" are themes that he continues to explore in various projects. Her work has been exhibited at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn, and has been featured in VO Magazine and PALACEOF ART (cover).

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