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" 会转弯的"


2020.01.23 - 03.27



人类文化在经历了剧烈的演变后,讯息传播速度已经可以做到无延迟的程度,模因流动更加具有效率。AI技术毅然融入了这个时代,承载着文化与思想的传播;模仿现象从一个头脑传递到另一个头脑……独立的思想渐渐被挤进了黑暗的小角落中。在平凡的日子里,一条裙子、一只猫、一个抓屁股的小动作、一次脱发的经历,这些私人却又共通的日常生活碎片,是YANA 和茶鱼君创作的灵感来源。她们的作品就像一扇窗,让我们能从窗外窥探到艺术家脑内的想法,倔强却温柔的表达着自己对日常生活的理解和感受。 当观众从第一视角的方向欣赏作品时,强烈的代入感能使对生活麻木的我们,回想起小角落里的美好。


在本次 「会转弯的」展览中,你能感受到“集体”与“个人” 意识的来回穿插—最终,它们凝结在一起。每一个相同意识的出发点,通过个人表达与接收方式的不一,我们抵达的目的地必然会截然不同。

In the concept of collective unconscious proposed by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, he believed that human beings possess two parts: the subconscious, "individual" and "collective," respectively. He thought that the collective subconscious, as the base of our human subconscious, is the most profound and influential part of the personality. If each archetype is a common symbol of human beings regardless of geography and culture, as Jung believed, then how can we, as individuals, judge the thoughts that come to our mind?


After the dramatic evolution of human culture, message dissemination speed has become delay-free, and memes' flow is more efficient. AI technology has resolutely integrated into this era, carrying the spread of culture and ideas; the phenomenon of imitation is passed from one mind to another ...... independent thoughts are gradually squeezed into the dark little corners.

A skirt, a cat, a small gesture of scratching the buttocks, and an experience of hair loss, these private but ordinary everyday lives are the source of inspiration for YANA and Chayujun. Their work is like a window, allowing us to peek out the ideas in their mind; stubborn but gentle in expressing our understanding and feelings of daily life. We felt the resonance through their works. After looking back in the seemingly uniform life, we realized we just forgot how to discover these little beautiful things.


In this exhibition, "Make a turn," you can feel the back and forward of "collective" and "individual" consciousnesses - eventually, they merge. Each starting point of the same consciousness, through the different ways of expression and reception, the destination we arrive at will inevitably be completely different.

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