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The First Winter Exhibition in 2020

2020.11.20 - 12.13


As the temperature drops, the winter in Shenzhen is getting closer and closer to us. EDA, a local art space in Shenzhen, will bring the first winter exhibition along with this cold air flow.


The theme of this winter exhibition revolves around how the change of air temperature and environment in winter affects the artworks. Whether from the perspective of creation or the way of viewing, it is undeniable that the environment is always silently influencing us. Will the temperature as a way to measure the works bring a different viewing experience, and will we feel the passing of time from the reminder of the changing season.


With the expectation of this winter, EDA, which aims to support the young art community, hopes to restore some of the power that art can bring through winter exhibitions, increasing the opportunities for art to be shown and for artists to communicate with each other.

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