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Katie Venugopal Hobbes

& Gun Fazhang


2022.4.26 - 5.28


Under the epidemic situation of COVID‐19, What we need is a reflection that takes life seriously.


EDA Space is pleased to announce the opening of "Neighborhood," double exhibition by artists Fazhan Guo and Katie Venugopal Hobbes. The exhibition will revolve around Chinese living culture, presenting the two artists' different artistic expressions of living memories in their time. This exhibition is the first exhibition of the two artists at EDA, and the first exhibition of EDA after the second closure of the control. For this reason the theme of this exhibition becomes even more important in reflecting on the urgent changes faced by the living culture at the present time.


The memory of times lived in Guo Development's works is the central theme of her creation. In this process, the artist establishes an "intimate" relationship with the work, and by recalling the traces of her life, some of her imagination becomes more relevant. By recalling the traces of life, some imagination, some grievances, a piece of the ordinary, she tries to discover the beauty of the commonplace but not so "everyday". She sketches the ambiguous details of life on silk, such as lace, curtains and floral patterns. By presenting them in an intimate way, she guides the viewer to immerse themselves in the story of the images.


Katie Venugopal-Hobbs' works are filled with streets and storefronts rich in smoky atmosphere. The swaying lights of the alleyways, the groups of residents on the side of the road, the leisure of life and the tricks to make a living. These passionate moments of life have become a source of inspiration for the artist.


Hobbs, who is of mixed Indo-American descent, grew up with a multicultural background. As someone who moved around a lot, she found herself obsessed with the images and feelings of places she could not return to and began to explore how she could use composition as well as images to create a sense of home. In her work, the goal is to capture moments that feel like home and a certain aesthetic joy. Hobbs hopes that the work will reflect these emotions and feelings.

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