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Zoe Li & S.H.Y

The Artificial and Enlightment

2022.6.07 - 7.16


“I like to present a narrative of mechanical devices performing performance art through anthropomorphic behavior.” - Zoe Li

"An attempt to uncover the "contradictions" and "absurdities" that exist in the process of human development..." - S.H.Y 


EDA Space is pleased to announce a double solo exhibition "Artificial Enlightenment" by two artists Zoe Li andS.H.Y on June 7th, 2022, in which the two artists take out a cut of reality with a witty and ironic angle, dramatizing the intriguing part of real life with installations, technology and artificial intelligence. The two artists' "false tricks" have become an important part of the exhibition, allowing them to recreate reality in a way that raises a series of questions about the living environment.


Zoe Li is a New York-based new media artist working in the media of video art, computer vision, programming, data visualization, interactive installations, and video art. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a degree in Video/New Media in 2018 and from Pratt Institute of Art with an MFA in Electronic Art in 2020, and now lives and works in Brooklyn and Shenzhen, New York. Li Qijing's work explores the role of the individual in a technological world and the expression of the "self" in an environment, preferring to deconstruct and abstract the norm, hoping to ask questions to the viewer through her work. In a series of installations such as "Hair Comb", she performs metaphor and irony through anthropomorphic mechanical devices, with the intention of detaching from the norm and searching for the value and meaning behind.


S.H.Y graduated from New York School of Visual Arts with a degree in Pure Art and is now active in Ningbo and Shanghai. S.H.Y's current inspirations often combine sociology, philosophy, art history and personal encounters with them, and now focuses on exploring the intrinsic connection between "human", "nature" and "technology". We try to explore the "contradiction" and "absurdity" in the process of human development, and devote ourselves to re-examine the definition of "truth" in the society by detaching ourselves from the blind internal volume. In his previous works, he has also focused on the definition of "truth" in society. In his previous works, he also focused on the homogenized "non-mainstream" products born under the globalized economy and the significance and impact of their birth on mainstream culture.

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