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The Second Winter Exhibition in 2021

2022.1.08 - 2.26


EDA is pleased to present its second winter exhibition at its Shenzhen Art Space, which will bring the artworks of 16 new promient and international artists. The winter exhibition will run from January 8 to February 19, 2022, with an opening ceremony on Saturday, January 8, from 4-6pm. The works in the exhibition consist of a variety of works in painting, video, performance and installation.


After a three-month open call, the shortlist for the 2nd Winter Exhibition was announced on December 3, 2021. The finalists are: Bu Wei, Dong Pu Yu, Hui Yu Ge, Jiang Jia Xin, Li Zi Yin, Li Xin Yu, Lin Xiao, Lin Yuan Rui, Liu Chong Shang, Liu Hao Hui, Mo Ni Jian, Ni Xiang, Mahesh Singh, Wang Jing Yuan, Ye Guo Zhi, Zheng Ping. Many of the works are inspired by environmental spaces and explore the possibilities of being a creator.

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