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Mimi Shi Co.,Ltd

The Secret lift's of Leonardo Decatprio

2021.06.08 -  7.31


“Leopardo's secret life is an illustration series that revolves around the uneventful life of the main cat, Leopardo Decatprio, who is no different from the rest of us: born, school, work, virginity, love, love lost, success, failure - each single frame is Each individual frame has a number, each # represents a mirror number, representing a scene in Leopardo's life. “--MIMI SHI  

Founded in the Netherlands, Mimi Shi Studio believes that "each contemporary artist is like a small start-up, trying to build a state around their own worldview, ideology, creating stylized packaged ideas and developing derivative product lines using narrative and image as the end form of communication strategy." Unlike artists who are crazy about exposing themselves and arranging elaborate photos with their works, Mimi Shi enjoys giving herself the freedom to switch between roles. Trying to find a way out for artists in this materialistic era, while maintaining a respectful and rational relationship with their work. Their artistic practice explores the boundaries of the language of painting, and plasticizes their world through painting. In recent years


Mimi Shi Studio's main inspirations are closely related to everyday life, whether it is hot news, celebrity craze or love affairs, all can be found in their works. The leopard Leonardo Di Catoprio becomes a main thread running through the exhibition, sometimes bursting with the attributes of a passerby and the embarrassment of social terror; sometimes the loneliness of life and the sweetness of love, all allowing us to see ourselves in him. At this point this leopard lost the original majestic style of the grassland should be, and became the embodiment of ordinary human beings. Perhaps, the society we live in is not different from the grassland.


In the new exhibition "Leonardo Decatprio - Secret Life" at the EDA, we want to take the audience on a declassified adventure, with intriguing scenes and a sense of humor. The exhibition features a number of new works since 2020, as well as vintage Polaroids of Studio members. Here you can feel the overlap between Little Lee's life and our own in so many ways.

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