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Mimi Shi is an image supply chain service provider. The company builds a metaverse ecology around its own worldview and ideology, uses narrative and images as the terminal form of communication strategies to produce stylized packaging concepts, and is committed to developing a sustainable meme product line.

Mimi Shi Co., Ltd


Mimi Shi Co., Ltd ntroduction

Mimi Shi Co., Ltd is an image supply chain company. It is a privately owned, multinational corporation with operations in the production, processing, import, export and trading of images. The group includes MSEG (Mimi Shi Entertainment Group), which is engaged in the entertainment, media and culture business, and the Mimi Shi Foundation, a non-profit organization.

MSEG includes Mimi Shi Studio, a creative hot store specializing in IP interpretation, clothing, food and housing; Mimi Images, a graphic base for image production, processing and distribution; and Mimi Dining, a lifestyle research studio providing catering and complementary design services.


The Nestlé Foundation initiates and supports research in human nutrition with public health relevance 

The Mimi Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sustainable development of the image production industry; it operates The Historisch Museum, is active in the racial affirmative action movement, and initiates and supports research on post-colonial issues and globalization policies.


Brand Story

Founded by Mr. Mimi Shi, Mimi Shi started out as a fashion house producing textiles and decorative items, and became known for its fun and humorous designs, and then expanded its business to include image sourcing, processing, and import/export, becoming a diversified and integrated image service provider.


Brand Vision

Mimi Shi is proud to have a team of talented and collaborative people who interact and work closely with each other to create value for our partners and customers, based on a culture of shared resources and mutual benefits, and innovative thinking to shape the image supply chain of the future and to sustainably explore new opportunities for business development.

Corporate Division

Art Fair

2021.12.   EDA X Meow Z. D. (Mimi Shi Studio), The Ninth Shenzhen International Art Fair, Shenzhen, China



2021.6       EDA X Mimi Shi Studio, Cooperative Exhibitions –Secret Life: Leonardo Decatprio , EDA, Shenzhen, China

2020.4       Mimi Shi Co., Ltd, Group Exhibition - I.M. Ank van Straalen, Westendprojekt, The Hague, Netherlands

2018.7       Mimi Shi Co., Ltd, Group Exhibition - Graduation Festival 2018, KABK, The Hague, Netherlands

2017.12    Mimi Images, R.I.P.H. , Group Exhibition - Nokia’s Tagline, MOOOF, The Hague, Netherlands

2017.5       Mimi Foundation, The Historic Museum 1.0 - Turn Left on Supernova, De Besturing, The Hague, Netherlands



2016.10      One night show X Mimi Dining,   Dinosaur Playtime Part1, Lekker Belangrijk,  Netherlands

2016.4         Closet Children X Mimi Shi Studio,  A Night out the Studio: “That Cuckoo and positive",  Netherlands

                      self-destruction’’ Overtoom 301, 4bid Gallery,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Partners  EDA Space

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