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EDA X SO创意码头



EDA 在国庆期间为大家带来艺术家南楠以及魏涛的Mini Project

EDA X SO创意码头在国庆期间为大家带来艺术家南楠以及魏涛的Mini Project,两位艺术家通过场地创作了截然不同,带着强烈个人风格的作品。我们很高兴为观众策划此次的小型展览,以及和SO 创意码头的合作。

南楠此次的作品名为 【 Intimate yet far away】,扎眼荧光绿包围的空间下,两只巨大的毛绒双手似乎在伸向尽头;粉色的人工草地暗示了一种浪漫且不真实的自然感,这一切都映照在了写满亲密字样的镜纸中。空间中两幅相对的纸上作品是艺术家本人在经历了一段被迫远距离恋爱后对同一地点的不同解读。本项目主要在讨论网络中远距离的亲密关系,真实的情感要如何建立在缥缈的介体中。

艺术家魏涛毕业于中央美术学院和纽约视觉艺术学院,现工作生活于北京。魏涛的作品关注空间、情感以及事物符号学意义。通过抽象绘画、空间介入和对于日常概念的转化,以多元的创作方式进行不同主题的探索,在不同媒介的运用中探索心理和情感状态的表达。他来的作品是【Balloon and Paper】,气球系列作品是关于空间和重力的作品。作品将重力变成一种持续不断的博弈,漂浮的气球和被拉起的纸张形成一种动态平衡,以期寻找一种空间变化的敏感的边界。

EDA X SO Creative Wharf presents the Mini Project by Nan Nan and Wei Tao, two artists who have created distinctly different and intensely personal works through the venue during the National Day. We are pleased to curate this mini exhibition for our audience and to collaborate with SO Creative Quay.

Nan Nan's work, Intimate yet far away, Under the space surrounded by fluorescent green, two giant plush hands seem to be reaching for the end; the pink artificial grass suggests a romantic and unreal sense of nature, all of which is reflected in the mirror paper filled with intimate words. The two opposing works on paper in the space are the artist's own different interpretations of the same location after a forced long-distance relationship. This project focuses on the intimacy of long-distance relationships in the internet, and how real emotions are built in a nebulous medium.

Wei Tao graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the School of Visual Arts in New York and now lives and works in Beijing. Wei Tao's works focus on space, emotion and the semiotic meaning of things. Through abstract painting, spatial interventions and the transformation of everyday concepts, he explores different themes in a multifaceted way, exploring the expression of psychological and emotional states in the use of different media.

Balloon and Paper, a series of balloon works about space and gravity. The works turn gravity into a constant game, with floating balloons and pulled up paper forming a dynamic balance, in order to find a sensitive boundary of spatial change.

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